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Card 2 - Eight of Cups In the Eight of Cups, we&39;re faced with the instant of transition. Eight of Cups Description. Yes or No Question: No. Are you destroying the old to make room for something new and. The Eight of Cups indicates your desire to leave a seemingly perfect situation behind.

The Eight of Cups may wake you up from a state of obliviousness. There were 7 bowls before this one: 7 days and nights to 8 of Cups build her new vision for her life, and 7 ceremonies to let go of old habits, feelings, beliefs, and ideas. In the Eight of Cups, a man walks away from the eight cups standing in the foreground. Eight of Cups is a card used in Latin suited playing cards which include tarot decks. Career Meaning - Upright 8 of Cups. 5 cups are on the ground and three cups are stacked. Upright (8) Eight of Cups Tarot Card. The sequence of the numbers has reached Hod, calling for structure and logic, but the emotional waters of Briah cannot be happy with this call and remain in dumb resignation.

The eight of cups in a career tarot reading can signal several things. He is bored with what the ones cups that he has spent so much time collecting, and is now setting out to searching for a better purpose. You don&39;t indulge in the kind of emotional agony this card generally represents, which may be a sign that you are more resilient than others; you bounce back from setbacks.

Dates: February 19-February 28. I am happy that you are beginning to receive information that you need. Keywords: leaving, moving on, retreat, abandonment, travel, quest, solitary, journey; withdrawal.

It ignores emotional needs and dramas to enable clarity and focus as required by the number 8&39;s ambition and drive to achieve its 8 of Cups goals. There is a wandering bog of water and large green mountains covered with algae or moss. With his back facing us, a man is walking away from eight filled cups.

8 of cups + Two of pentacles: Seeking more job satisfaction even if it means less money. The Eight of Cups card is a sign of change or transition is one’s life, suggesting that you need to walk away from your existing routine in order to achieve fulfillment and success. Know when to walk away. There is a wandering bog of water and large green mountains 8 of Cups covered with. This change can be difficult since it can involve time in solitude, and it can even mean that there will be separations. 8 of cups + Nine of swords: Facing your fears.

8 OF CUPS OVERVIEW. The Eight of Cups has driven the debauch of the Seven to absolute excess, the delusions have lost all attraction and all that&39;s left is frustration. Tarot Meaning: The 8 of Cups often means that you will choose to leave a situation that is no longer working for you - whether that’s a relationship, a job, or a neighborhood. If you are thinking about changing jobs, now is the time! The Eight of Cups is the card meaning departure.

Feeling emotionally or physically depleted. Right now, you may need to investigate how happy your job currently makes you. Eight of Cups Description and Symbolism. They arrive late to meetings, communicate less and seem distracted. .

Eight of Cups, Minor Arcana, Cups VIII. In this card, there are eight cups stacked in the front of the card. Eight of Cups and the Job Field/Work. He is walking with the support of a stick. The Eight of Cups illustration in the original Rider Waite Smith tarot deck is heavy with symbolism, with a heavier use of black lines and dark elements than in other arcana of that tarot deck. The Eight Of Cups Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money.

Cups : Humility and a humble nature. Depending on the rest of your spread, it may be a strong push for you to move on, and find the courage to strike out in a new direction. See more videos for 8 Of Cups. In the Eight of Cups tarot, you are cautioned to take a close look at your motivations. Receiving the card in reverse, however, points to a need to stop and think about it a bit longer. The Eight (VIII) of Cups- Walking Away From Unhappiness, Finding Oneself Keywords Impermanence, Finished, Over, Walking Away, Moving On, Letting Go, Had Enough, Turning your Back on The Past, End of a Cycle, Wake Up Call, Soul Searching, Quest, Finding Oneself, Voyage of Personal Discovery, Personal Truth, Spiritual Core, Self-Analysis, Exploring, Deeper Meaning, Looking for Answers,.

Since the card in a general sense signals. They display a certain restlessness. There may be some sadness involved, but in general, this separation, is in your best interests. Astrological Correspondence: Saturn in Pisces. 8 of cups + Knight of swords: Craving danger.

Moving away from pr. Any transition or change is favored at this time. The Eight of Cups is one of the less favorable cards from the Cups to receive. If you’re considering a physical move or a trip, the Eight of Cups says: yes! While it is easy to read the card both literally and negatively, the Eight of Cups is actually a positive sign in most contexts despite its overtones of ending and its insinuations of disgust. Eight of Cups Description. - Explore Sydney Gaines&39;s board "eight of cups" on Pinterest.

Sometimes a playa just needs a new perspective. You might have already taken some steps to move on. More 8 Of Cups images. Strength and courage are necessary to walk away from what you know into an unknown future and these qualities are also represented in the Eight of Cups. Please click on one of them to see their article:.

Not always but usually, the Eight of Cups will come up when there is a known health issue that is especially trying such as a cold that has turned into pneumonia, mental illnesses taking a turn for the worse, or any other health that continues to wane. The Eight of Cups tarot card is a cold, controlled and unemotional card. The main protagonist of this minor arcana card only occupies a small part of the overall image, as he is seen walking away from the foreground using a. Five of Swords > Eight of Cups: leaving a situation unexpectedly without consideration to others, may be viewed selfishly. In traditional Numerology, 8 symbolizes Saturn’s often self-destructive impulses. When the Eight of 8 of Cups Cups appears in the future position, it can signify that you are heading to a future where you will feel burned out, drained, and exhausted. He is wearing a red robe. .

The illustration shows a man walking away from a river, on the other bank are some cups stacked irregularly, leaving a large visible gap. Kabbalistically, eights are associated with Mercury’s wanderlust. The Eight of Cups Card & Tarot Numerology. Move on to new things. The Eight of Cups in health means it is now is a time to focus on your healing. Eight of Cups&39;s Meaning. Charmaine’s Take. She has released her last cup into the sea, and her bowl-burning ceremony has come to a close.

Introduction: The reversed 8 of Cups often means that you may be thinking about leaving a situation that seems as if it is no longer working. Often, it predicts that you will need to walk away from a relationship, a. Marie, when we are tackling the “big” problems, it is OK to tell your higher spirit that you are facing something that is bigger than you are and ask for some help with gentle, loving healing & guidance. Pulling this card predicts that you will have to leave things behind and start from scratch. 6 thoughts on “ Eight of Cups ” diana Post author Ap at 10:35 am. Tarot Card Meanings Eight of Cups - Authors.

Two of Wands > Eight of Cups: leaving a business partnership or group venture. The man has turned his back on these cups with a sense of loss and disappointment and shuffles away. The figure on the card is a man leaving on a journey, striking out on a new path.

The VIII suggests that there is stability and security in your life, but at a personal cost. It is part of what tarot card readers call the "Minor Arcana" Tarot cards are used throughout much of Europe to play Tarot card games. You are probably unfulfilled by your current life. That seemingly perfect situation could be a stable, well-paying job, a nice house in a good neighborhood, or a peaceful long-term relationship. The Eight of Cups in Tarot stands for deeper meaning, moving on, and weariness. Confidence that does not obscure one&39;s ability to accept new knowledge and be a good listener.

Eight of Wands - finishing up, ending a chapter Six of Swords - moving on, going on a trip DESCRIPTION. In that regard, this can be a card of empathy. The card means that change could come in many forms. See more ideas about eight of cups, tarot decks, tarot. Eight of Cups Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings Eight of Cups Card Meaning.

When the Eight of Cups Tarot card appears in a spread, it is likely that the querent is going through a stage of transformation and profound change. The Eight of Cups reversed suggests that you may have experienced a terrible event, yet you have somehow not allowed it to ruin your life. It seems like the person is tired of those cups and is now setting out to finding a higher purpose or new adventures.

A psychologist friend once told me that when a group is ready to break up, the members give off subtle signs to that effect. We see a cloaked figure starting off to a barren land leaving in the back of eight golden cups. The Eight of Cups is the eighth card in the Cups suit.

8 of cups + King of swords: Becoming a professional, then a master within the field. You’ve completed a major project/cycle. We have Eight of Cups articles from these authors.

When placed in the future position, the Eight of Cups is a signal that you may be on the path to becoming worn out, drained and otherwise left without any energy. This week: Eight of Cups. Eight of Cups Upright: Departing a situation which is no longer serving your emotional needs. If you wish to stay in your current job, maybe there is something else that you can do, a volunteer opportunity, perhaps, that will add to your personal level of happiness. The Eight of Cups is also believed to be an omen, so it can also mean that there’s some bad news waiting in the future. The cups are arranged in such a way that it looks like one is missing, a sign that emotional fulfilment and wholeness is lacking.

You’ve outgrown the current situation. The Eight of Cups card depicts a man walking away from the cups. General meaning: The Eight of Cups signals that it may be time to move on. The Eight of Cups: The Meaning Of The Symbols In The Card. This is one of those times. Two of Cups > Four of Cups > Eight of Cups: walking away from a relationship that has become stale or wearisome.

The Eight of Cups tarot card depicts a man walking away from eight golden goblets. His back facing the cups, he walks with a tall staff, representing wisdom and knowledge. The Eight of Cups can also represent the exhaustion or weariness that can prompt such a decision. Lord of Abandoned Success.

8 of Cups

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